Accessible Playground Hopscotch Stencil


Newstripes Accessible Playground Hopscotch Stencil makes it possible for everyone to play hopscotch regardless of their abilities or disabilities. It is the only hopscotch stencil designed to make it easier for wheelchair and ambulatory children to maneuver.

6 piece set, lifetime warranty

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Our Accessible Playground Hopscotch Stencil makes a perfect addition to your accessible or inclusive playground. Designed for children of all abilities, it will help expand your range of accessible play options. The is ideal for playground  in apartment complexes, schools, cities, recreation centers and daycare’s.

Easy to use – The 6-piece set snaps together and lies flat and wont blow away.

Built to last – Made from our  1/8″ (125mil) PolyTough plastic it is the thickest most durable stencil available. Designed to lay flat and can stand up to heavy repeated use, year after year.

Lifetime Warranty


Additional information

Stencil Height

72 inch

Stencil Thickness

1/8 inch


6' W x 18'L

Stencil Height 72 inch
Stencil Thickness 1/8 inch


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