AeroVent 3X Maintenance Kit


AeroVent® 3X maintenance kit.  For use with NewStripe`s AeroVent 3X Three Aerosol Can Disposal System. FREE FILTER UPGRADE AVAILABLE (see below for more details).

Kit includes:  (1) 10004703 2 Pack of Safe2Vent Filter Replacements, (6) 10001874 Trough Liner Grommet, (3 ) 10003791 Bellows, (6)  10003794 Bellow Clamps, (1) 10004025 3 Pack of Cobalt Points.

FREE UPGRADE: Receive a full Safe2Vent® Filter Assembly or Safe2Vent® Dual Filter Assembly** with the purchase of this product or any other item that includes a Safe2Vent replacement filter cartridge(s) (OFFER VALID THOUGH 7/1/2019). To be eligible for the upgrade, you must be transitioning from an older filter model to the new Safe2Vent® filter (CLICK HERE for more details). To receive your free upgrade, simply complete the following two steps:

1) Purchase an individual or a two pack of the Safe2Vent® replacement filter cartridge or any AeroVent® 1X or AeroVent® 3X maintenance kit.
2) Enter the phrase “Safe2Vent upgrade” along with the serial number of your AeroVent machine into the “Order notes” of the checkout page.

For single can models, we send you a Safe2Vent® Filter Assembly in place of a filter cartridge. For AeroVent 3 (three can models), we will send you a full Safe2Vent® Dual Filter Assembly** in place of two filter cartridges (**requires an order consisting of at least two filter cartridges). Limit one filter assembly upgrade per serial number.



The AeroVent® 3 Mainentance Kit comes with the most common parts  and accessories needed to service and maintain your aerosol can disposal unit.

Kit includes:

1-  10004703, 2 Pack of Safe2Vent Filter Replacements
6- 10001874, Trough Liner Grommet
3-  10003791, Bellows
6- 10003794, Bellows Clamps
1- 10004025, 3 Pack of Cobalt Points


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  • Replacement AeroVent Filter Housing

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