The Best Football Hash Mark Painting Machine Just Got Better

Hash mark painting on football fields has long been a tedious and labor intensive process. Traditional methods included the use of stringing, measuring, paint laden stencils or awkward templates. Newstripe was the first to revolutionize the hash mark painting industry with its innovative and patented HashMark Master™.  It was the first hash marking tool that attached directly to a striping machine, allowing one person to measure and paint the hash line in a fraction of the usual time.

Newstripe has just released the enhanced second generation hash mark painter, the HASHMARK MASTER II™. The biggest change is its unprecedented ability to work on both high and low pressure striping machines. Like the original version, the HASHMARK MASTER II™ quickly attaches to any Newstripe walk-behind striping machine. The operator follows the automatic measuring guide from one hash mark to the next, paints it and moves on.

Another feature is the automatic measuring guide which allows the user to quickly move from one hash mark to the next. The guide, along with rest of the unit, conveniently folds out of the way so you can continue striping the football field.

By eliminating the need for or a multi-person crew the HASHMARK MASTER II™ pays for itself after the first use. Convenient, easy to use, and versatile, the HASHMARK MASTER II™ is the clear leader in hash mark painting options.

Go to: for more information on the HASHMARK MASTER II™ and other hash mark painting products.

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