Big Squeeze Pail and Can Crusher


Newstripe’s Big Squeeze™ Pail & Industrial Paint Can Crusher reduces the volume of empty containers by up to 75%. One-gallon cans and 5-gallon metal pails are quickly and easily crushed using standard shop air. Excess fluids drain to a separate container allowing collected liquids to be disposed of while filters and containers can be recycled and reclaimed as scrap metal. 5-gallon pails are reduced to 2.5 inches in under a minute.

This item: Big Squeeze Pail and Can Crusher
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The Big Squeeze™ Pail & Paint Can Crusher features:

Saves Money – Reduce cost by up to 75% compared to the cost of disposing of uncrushed cans and pails.

Safe – Operation stops when door is opened.

Fast – Gallon cans are crushed in less than 30 seconds, 5 gallon pails in a minute.

Versatile – Crushes automotive and light truck oil filters too. Crush a 7 inch oil filter to 1.5 inches in less than 30 seconds.

Convenient – Automatically crushes and retracts using standard shop air.

Caution: All paint cans and pails must be open and not sealed when crushing. This can and pail crusher is not designed for crushing of glass containers or items that may shatter or contain volatile vapors.


Additional information

Ideal Application

Quart, Gallon and 5-gallon metal contianers, Automotive oil filters


Power Source

Compressed Air

Compacting Force

11,500lbs of force, 3560lbs at 125psi

Compaction Cycle

60 seconds for a 5 gallon pail

Compaction Ratio

Up to 80% (7" filter to 1.5" height. 15" pail to 2.5")

Crushing Chamber Size

12" Diameter by 15" High

Stroke Length


Air Cylinder

12" Diameter air piston

Spark Resistant



Air requirement of 9 cfm at 85 to 100 psi, Containers must be open top or open ended.


Safety Interlock prevents operation when door is open and will stop crushing if door is opened in mid-cycle


44"H x 22"W x 21"D


All welded steel and industrial grade components

Ship Weight



18 months

Available Accessories

Floor Stand



1655.1018 SN 1020458 - Current




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