Graco LineLazer V 250DC HP Reflective Series Dual Color Line Striping System


Spray two colors simultaneously with the Graco LineLazer 250DC. This Graco system is ideally suited for airports, municipalities, DOTs or anyone who needs to spray highlight lines or other dual-color striping. The LineLazer 250DC rewrites linestriping productivity and flexibility by spraying two colors simultaneously in patterns as wide as 36 inches (90 cm).



The Graco LineLazer 250DC HP Reflective Series Dual Color Line Striping System features:

Easy Striping – Three automatic spray guns with reversible tip easily spray water or oil base paints.

Easy Mark Gun Adjustment System—Simple guide mark and gun placement system allows for perfect gun set up every time

Automatic Gun Control System—Manual or automatic paint and bead gun control with a push of a button

Auto-Layout II—Exclusive Green Laser Guidance cuts layout time in half (country dependent)

Data Logging with J-Log System—On-board job information for proof of completion

On-Board Power—12V battery for all your accessory items

Dual Graco Hydraulic Motors—No-Stall design provides uninterrupted performance

Dual Endurance Displacement Pumps—Provides precise flow for a wide range of striping materials

Exclusive Self-Centering Front Wheel—Provides simpler operation of this Graco system

Front or Rear Gun Mount—Use up to six guns to create straighter long lines

Honda 13 hp GX Engine—Electric start for ease of use

EZ Bead Pressurized System –-Innovative bead tank with unmatched performance provides perfect bead embedment.  Air valves to dial in starts and stops.  Installed and ready to go the dual bead tanks hold up to 240 lbs of beads (120 lbs each).


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