AeroVent 1™ by Newstripe Inc

Jan 02 2014

Aerovent 1 0714r

Newstripe’s AeroVent™ 1 quickly punctures and drains a variety of aerosol can sizes allowing cans to be recycled as scrap metal instead of being disposed of as hazardous waste. According to Ralph Newman, president of Newstripe, this machine reduces the cost of aerosol can disposal and is the lowest priced can deflator of its kind available on the market.

The AeroVent™ 1 is designed for the smaller waste generator that may have a variety of can sizes. The unique can tray quickly adapts to puncture aerosol cans from 2” to 3” in diameter and up to 10” in length. The hand operated lever seals the unit and punctures the can in one stroke. AeroVent™ 1 mounts on any standard 30 or 55-gallon drum. It is backed by an 18-month warranty, and a replaceable carbon filter and an anti-static cable are included.

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