AeroVent™ 3 by Newstripe, Inc.

Jan 18 2014


Newstripe’s AeroVent™ 3 aerosol can disposal system is fast and easy to use. Features include a rigid platform, improved puncturing tips, draining system with hinge for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The AeroVent™ 3 will quickly pay for itself by reducing the cost of hazardous waste disposal. Aerosol cans processed with the AeroVent™ 3 are no longer considered hazardous material and can be disposed of as regular trash or sold as recycled steel.

It quickly punctures and drains up to three aerosol cans at one time making it the fastest manually operated machine available. The AeroVent™ 3 is installed on a standard 30 or 55-gallon drums and includes an activated carbon filter to trap escaping vapors. One to three cans are placed in the machine and a simple clamp seals, punctures and drains the cans in one step.

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