Aerosol Striping Paint – Solvent Based


Newstripes Solvent-based Aerosol Striping Paint is tough, durable, and water-proof but it wont harm natural grass or turn it brown. Perfect for marking parking lots, athletic fields, warehouse floors, aisles, and roads. will spray a 2 to 4 inch wide adjustable line.

Comes in a Case of 12 (18 oz aerosol cans)

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Newstripes Solvent-based Aerosol Striping Paint is tough and durable making it perfect for marking parking lots, stencils, synthetic turf, athletic fields and warehouses. It is specifically formulated to have the lowest VOC’s ( Volatile Organic Compounds ), the highest percent solids, and  highest brightness,

This permanent marking aerosol will spray sharp, bright lines that will maintain good visibility. Super tough, environmentally safe, and non-clogging.

  • Will not hurt, brown, or kill any type of natural grass.
  • Has excellent durability and will bond to all types of surfaces.
  • Will not hurt the synthetic turf and has very good adhesion to all synthetic turf filaments.
  • Universal ” T ” tip fits most machines including our NewAero and Hand Wand

Need even more durability? Use it with our clear aerosol top coat!

Case of 12; 18 oz aerosol cans.  Coverage up to 250 feet per can.

This item is not available for shipping to HI, AK and PR

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Water Proof. Will not hurt, turn brown or kill any type of natural grass.


Aluminum, Black, Brown, Clear, Colt Gray, Columbia-Tar Hill Blue, Florescent Orange, Florescent Pink, HC Blue, Navy Blue, Old Gold, Vegas Gold, Royal Purple, Vandebilt Gold, Royal Blue, Teal, Gray, Green, Florescent Green, Turf Green, Augusta Green, Burnt Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Florescent red, Maroon, Burgundy, Cardinal Red, Tan, White, Yellow


18 oz Can

Ideal Application

Athletic, Pavement

Paint Type

Aerosol T-Tip

Ideal Application Pavement, Athletic
Paint Type Aerosol T-Tip
Color Florescent Orange, Florescent Pink, Vegas Gold, Old Gold, Royal Purple, Colt Gray, Vandebilt Gold, Florescent red, Columbia-Tar Hill Blue, Aluminum, Black, Royal Blue, Maroon, Florescent Green, Burnt Orange, Turf Green, Navy Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Teal, Augusta Green, Cardinal Red, Clear, HC Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Tan, White, Yellow
Capacity 18 oz Can
Features Water Proof. Will not hurt, turn brown or kill any type of natural grass.
Application Type


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