Safe2Filter Replacement Filters


The Safe2Filter™ Filter Replacement cartridge (2pk) is the Replacement Carbon Filter for the AeroVent Standard.

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The Safe2Filter™ Replacement Filter Cartridge is a 2 pack unit of replacement cartridges for the AeroVent Standard. : Simply remove the old filter from the base, remove the top lid and replace with the new filter.

Environmentally Friendly: The Safe2Filter™ contains more carbon than many other filters on the market. The environmentally friendly cellulose construction is 96% biodegradable and can be safely be sent directly to the landfill and decomposes naturally.  As a bonus, each replaceable filter includes a coalescing element for convenient and safe handling.

Compliant in all 50 states: With it's closing check valve the  Safe2Filter™  is compliant in all 50 states and conforms to OSHA, EPA and California SB1158 regulations.

Fully replaceable. Just remove the filter cartridge from the reusable base and replace with the new aerosol can crusher filter cartridge.

Patent Pending




Additional information

Ideal Application

Aerosol Can Disposal, Drum Safety Vent, Filter for Manual Aerosol Can Disposal Sytems

Application Type

Compatible with all manual, single can aerosol can disposal systems.


EPA, OSHA, RCRA, California SB1158

Filter Life

Every 600 cans or 90 days


Standard volumes of aerosol can disposal systems


10” H x 4” W x 13” L, fits the 3/4 inch opening on any steel drum

Additional features

Compliant in all 50 states and conforms to OSHA, EPA and California regulations., Fully Replaceable



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