20 Inch Handicap Symbol Stencil


Mark the path to your accessible door exits with our 20″ handicap stencil safety stencil. At 20″ tall, this safety stencil provides optimal visibility. Made from durable our 1/8″ (125mil) PolyTough™ plastic, these handicap sign templates can be used over and over throughout your facility.
Lifetime Warranty



Stay complaint by marking your exit paths with our  20″ handicap stencil. Our handicap symbol safety stencil can be used on floors, walls and doors to clearly identity the accessible exits in your facility.

1/8 inch (125 mil) PolyTough™ plastic. This handicap sign template comes with a Lifetime Warranty



Item Name 20“ Handicap Symbol Stencil
Thickness 1/8“ (125 mil)
Material PolyTough™ Plastic
Warranty Lifetime