Line Stencil


Our Parking Lot Line Stencil is perfect for small lots with only a few spaces. It is  the standard size for parking lot lines, lies and stays flat and it can even be used to stripe between parked cars. This parking space divider stencil is made from our PolyTough™ 1/8 (125 mil)- Lifetime warranty. Measures 4″X 9′, 1 piece



Our Parking Lot Line Stencil is an easy and convenient way to stripe lines in your parking lot. Ideal for Small Businesses, Schools,  churches, or any location  with small parking lots.

Made form our 1/8″ (125mil) PolyTough™ plastic it lies flat and stays flat making it easy to paint  with aerosols, rollers or brushes.

1/8 inch (125 mil) Lifetime Warranty



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