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Ralph Newman founded Newstripe, Inc. in 1981. Our first factory was his garage and the first product was a simple, inexpensive striping machine similar to the current “Scotsman” model sold today.

Newstripe is a comprehensive product design, development and manufacturing company producing more than thirty products. Our state of the art manufacturing facility is proud to produce quality USA made products. Currently, Newstripe’s major product lines are:

Our corporate goal is twofold. First, continue improving and expanding our product selections to our customers. Second, develop products addressing the needs of new markets worldwide.

Newstripe is a well established and respected manufacturer of quality USA made products and is known for delivering exceptional service through promoting a high level of standards throughout our industry. We will continue to foresee increasing global product demands and will provide unsurpassed solutions that exceed industry expectations. Our quality workmanship and product design provide exceptional product life and set the industry standard for high quality and consumer friendly products.

We are proud to be Americans providing innovative American products and solutions since 1981.