• Waste Compaction and Crushing Equipment

Newstripe, Inc. is a leading US manufacturer of equipment and products for Aerosol Can Disposal and Recycling; Pavement and Floor Striping; Athletic Field Lining and Marking; Baseball Infield Maintenance; Industrial Waste Crushing and Compacting.
We feature:

Aerosol Can Disposal and Recycling Equipment

Aerosol can disposal and recycling is simple, easy and safe using the AeroVent® products by Newstripe. They will quickly pay for themselves by reducing the cost of hazardous waste disposal and adding income from recycling the processed aerosol cans. With one easy step they simultaneously puncture and drain aerosol cans up to 3 at a time.

Baseball Infield Groomers and Drags

6 models are available from our light weight, hand pull Drag Lite™ to the rugged, tractor pulled Dirt Doctor Jr™. We have the right tool for all your baseball and softball infield grooming needs.

Industrial Marking Stencils

Our contractor grade PolyTough parking lot stencils are so tough they are the only stencils backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY. We have thousands of industrial stencils in stock including handicap symbols, directional arrows, No Parking…Plus, we can custom cut any parking lot stencil to your specification.

Paint Stripers

23 models of paint striping machines for all types of asphalt and concrete paved surfaces including roads, parking lots, warehouse and factory floors. We also offer 14 models of paint stripers and four models of dry line chalkers designed for all your athletic field and court marking needs. These field striping machines are specifically designed for natural and synthetic turf, skinned infields, playgrounds and tennis courts.

Industrial Waste Crushing and Compacting

Newstripe’s Pack-Masters™ are the ideal solution to compact waste and recyclable materials, reducing their volume up to 90%. The Big Squeeze™ pail and can crushing machines will reduce waste volume and increase recycling revenues for any operation.