HashMark Paint & Go


The HashMark Paint & Go™ is the fast, inexpensive, and simple way to paint football field hash marks. No longer is this a labor intensive, messy, three-person job. With HashMark Paint & Go, one person can do the job in half the time. This football field line marker can pay for itself the first time you use it!

  • Mounts on any Newstripe walk behind striper


The all new HashMark Paint and Go™ is a rear mounted flip up hash mark stencil. It easily attaches to all Newstripe walk behind stripers with a hand gun.

One person can quickly and easily paint your football field’s hash marks in half the time of traditional methods. This football field line marker saves you time and labor, quickly paying for itself after the first use.

The Newstripe HASHMARK-MASTER and Paint and GO is protected by U.S. patent # 7,367,515 B1


  • parking lot and field striping paint

    Athletic Field Striping Paint – 5 Gal

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  • Synthetic Striper

    Synthetic Turf Striping Paint

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