Suction Hose Sleeve


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Optimize your Newstripe walk-behind striper with the 8″ Suction Hose Sleeve. This sleek accessory ensures your striping equipment operates at peak efficiency, keeping the suction tube straight and the foot filter in place for consistent, high-quality striping results.


Enhance Efficiency with the 8″ Suction Hose Sleeve

The 8″ Suction Hose Sleeve is a purpose-built accessory designed to optimize the performance of your Newstripe walk-behind stripers. This innovative sleeve plays a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and accuracy of your striping equipment, ensuring smooth operation and high-quality results.

Streamlined Design for Seamless Functionality

At the heart of this remarkable accessory lies a simple yet effective design. The 8″ Suction Hose Sleeve effortlessly slides onto the suction tube of your Newstripe striper, positioning itself just above the foot filter. This strategic placement serves multiple essential purposes that significantly enhance your striping experience.

Maintaining Tube Integrity

One of the key functions of the 8″ Suction Hose Sleeve is to keep the suction tube straight and well-weighted. This ensures that the foot filter, a vital component in the paint dispensing process, sits flat and firmly at the bottom of the paint pail. By doing so, it guarantees consistent paint flow and prevents interruptions during striping, contributing to impeccable line quality.

Effortless Installation and Compatibility

Installing the 8″ Suction Hose Sleeve is a breeze, seamlessly integrating with your existing Newstripe walk-behind striper setup. Its compatibility ensures that you can quickly enhance the performance of your equipment without the need for complex modifications or adjustments.

With the 8″ Suction Hose Sleeve, you can trust that your Newstripe walk-behind striper operates at its full potential, delivering precise and professional striping results consistently. This accessory is a valuable addition to your striping toolkit, providing a hassle-free solution to streamline your striping process and elevate the quality of your work.

Invest in the 8″ Suction Hose Sleeve to experience the benefits of improved tube integrity and superior line quality with your Newstripe walk-behind striper. Elevate your striping efficiency and achieve outstanding results with this essential accessory.

Specs & Docs


Designed for Newstripe walk-behind stripers


Keeps suction tube straight and weighted for consistent paint flow


Effortless slide-on installation

Performance Enhancement:

Elevates striping equipment efficiency and line quality


Ensures foot filter sits flat at the bottom of the paint pail for uninterrupted striping