Curved Arrow Stencils


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Guide and regulate the traffic areas in your warehouse or parking lot with our heavy duty Curved Arrow Stencil. Made of our Polytough plastic, our Curved Arrow Stencils give you years of use with a crisp, clean, professional line each time.

Available in  the following options:

1/8″ (125 mil) – Professional grade

  • The thickest and most durable stencil
  • Will last a lifetime with proper care
  • Ideal for repetitive daily use
  • Can use high pressure hose for easy cleaning
  • Lifetime warranty

1/16″(63mil) – Light-Duty

  • Economical and flexible
  • Great for curves and  uneven surfaces
  • Perfect for one time projects or occasional use



Newstripe’s Curved Arrow Stencils are perfectly sized for marking parking lots and warehouse floors. Made of durable PolyTough™ plastic for  repeated use. These road traffic stencils are available in various sizes and thickness.

Specs & Docs

Dimensions N/A
Stencil Height

48 inches, 72 inches

Stencil Thickness

1/8” PolyTough Lifetime, 1/16” PolyLite


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