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Elevate your baseball field maintenance with the DragKing Deluxe Infield Drag & Scarifier. Its three-section design combines grooming and field conditioning, rivaling high-cost alternatives. Easily revive rough fields, remove light debris (not rocks), and achieve professional results without breaking the bank. Upgrade your field care today!

  • Durable welded steel construction
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • 18 Month Warranty
  • Free Shipping Available


Introducing the DragKing Deluxe Infield Drag & Scarifier – your ultimate companion for comprehensive baseball field maintenance. This state-of-the-art solution boasts a unique three-section design that ingeniously merges the grooming capabilities of conventional hand-pulled mats with the field conditioning prowess typically reserved for high-cost tractor-pulled units. Prepare to experience top-tier performance without the hefty price tag!

Revive Rough Fields with Ease: At the heart of this exceptional infield drag is the integrated scarifier section. Designed to breathe new life into rough fields, it effortlessly transforms uneven playing surfaces, removes light debris (not rocks), and grooms to smooth playing conditions. Compatible with standard lawn or garden tractors, this drag puts the power of professional field restoration right at your fingertips. The scarifier teeth are expertly set at a fixed 1-inch depth, ensuring consistent results, while the center section showcases reversible scarifier/planing blades that can be easily adjusted to a maximum cutting depth of 1 inch.

Efficiency Meets Cost-Effectiveness: When it comes to field maintenance, the DragKing Deluxe Infield Drag & Scarifier is in a league of its own. Say farewell to costly alternatives and embrace superior grooming and field conditioning. We understand the importance of cost-efficiency, and our drag delivers exceptional results without draining your budget.

Elevate Your Baseball Field Care: Your baseball field deserves nothing but the best, and the DragKing Deluxe Infield Drag & Scarifier is here to deliver precisely that. Elevate your field maintenance efforts, ensuring a pristine playing surface that your team and players can be proud of.

Incorporate this top-tier solution into your baseball field maintenance routine today and witness the transformation it brings. Don’t compromise on quality, efficiency, or cost-effectiveness – choose the DragKing Deluxe Infield Drag & Scarifier and take your field care to the next level! (drag king)

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Baseball Field Maintenance


Proudly Made in the USA


18 Months

Dimensions (Ship)

49" L x 16" W x 11" H

Weight (Ship)

98 lbs

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