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Elevate your basketball court with the Basketball 3-Point Line Stencil. It’s precision-designed, easy to set up, and backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Achieve professional-grade accuracy on any court. Invest in quality and make your mark.


Enhance Your Basketball Court with the Basketball 3-Point Line Stencil

Transform your basketball court into a professional-grade playing surface with the Basketball 3-Point Line Stencil. Designed for precision and durability, this stencil is a game-changer for courts of all sizes and levels.

Perfectly Designed for Accuracy

This stencil consists of four meticulously crafted pieces, ensuring that the 3-point line on your basketball court is flawless and accurate. Achieve the same level of precision seen in professional arenas, providing your players with a top-notch experience.

Easy Setup for Lasting Results

Setting up the Basketball 3-Point Line Stencil is a breeze. The four pieces fit together seamlessly, making it simple for anyone to create a regulation-standard 3-point line on their court. No need for complex tools or professional assistance – this stencil empowers you to get the job done efficiently.

Durable for Longevity

We understand that your basketball court is an investment, and the Basketball 3-Point Line Stencil is built to last. Crafted from high-quality materials, it can withstand the wear and tear of regular gameplay and weather conditions, ensuring that your 3-point line remains sharp and visible season after season.

Suitable for All Courts, All Levels

Whether you have a backyard court, a school gym, or a community center court, the Basketball 3-Point Line Stencil is suitable for all settings. It’s versatile enough to cater to the needs of casual players and serious athletes alike, enhancing the overall basketball experience.

Quality Assurance with a Lifetime Warranty

Invest in the Basketball 3-Point Line Stencil with confidence, backed by a 1/8 inch (125 mil) Lifetime Warranty. We stand behind the durability and quality of our stencil, ensuring that it serves your court marking needs for years to come.

Elevate your basketball court with the precision and professionalism of the Basketball 3-Point Line Stencil. Perfectly designed, easy to set up, and built to last, it’s the ideal choice for any court owner or manager looking to make their mark. Invest in quality, accuracy, and peace of mind today, and watch your court become the envy of players and fans alike.

Specs & Docs

Stencil Type

Basketball 3-Point Line Stencil

Design Components

4-Piece Design

Precision Level

Professional-Grade Accuracy

Ease of Setup

Easy, DIY Installation


Long-Lasting, Weather-Resistant Materials

Court Compatibility

Suitable for All Court Types (Backyard, School Gym, Community Center)


Lifetime Warranty


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