Operating Control Cable


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Control cable. 1.8mm X 65″ Long (inner wire) *Can be cut to desired length.


Operating control cable for Newstripe striping machines.

This cable can be ordered pre-cut to match the machine’s factory length, or it can be ordered uncut. Ordering the cable uncut requires the cable to be cut to the desired length by the end user.

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Cable Length

4250 Airless Striper, 4400 Airless Striper, 4600 SP Airless Striper, EcoLiner LT Athletic Field Striper, EcoLiner SP Athletic Field Striper, FieldLiner 3 Athletic Field Striper, NewRider 1700 Ride-on Striper, NewRider 5000 Ride-on Striper, RollMaster 1000 Pavement Striping Machine, Uncut


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