17″ Ram Plate for PackMaster Air Compactor


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Upgrade your waste management game with this specially designed 17-inch Ram Plate for our PackMaster Air Compactor and our PackMaster Spark Resistant Air Compactor. It is precision-engineered specifically for 30-gallon drums to streamline material compression and compaction. It’s a must-have for efficient waste handling

  • Fits PackMaster Air and Spark Resistant Air Compactors
  • Designed to work with 30-Gallon Drums
  • Durable and versatile
  • Proudly Made in the USA



Elevate Waste Management Efficiency with the 17-Inch Ram Plate for PackMaster™ Air

Tailored for Peak Performance

The 17-inch Ram Plate for PackMaster™ Air is an indispensable accessory meticulously designed for industrial and commercial settings reliant on 30-gallon drums. Crafted exclusively for the PackMaster™ Air model, this precision-engineered ram plate facilitates efficient material compression and compaction within these drums. With dimensions perfectly aligned to 30-gallon drums, it ensures a seamless fit for optimized performance.

Seamless Integration

Designed for seamless integration with the PackMaster™ Air system, this ram plate guarantees secure and precise alignment – a crucial element for achieving peak operational efficiency. This accessory proves invaluable for waste management, recycling, and material handling tasks, particularly in environments where handling substantial waste volumes or materials within 30-gallon drums is routine.

Built to Last and Versatile

The ram plate features a robust and durable design that not only extends the capabilities of the PackMaster™ Air unit but also streamlines waste management processes. Its versatility makes it suitable for various industries, including manufacturing, waste disposal, and recycling centers, where efficient material handling remains a top priority. Invest in enhanced waste management efficiency with the 17-inch Ram Plate for PackMaster™ Air.

Specs & Docs




Ram Plate


PackMaster™ Air

Drum Size Compatability

30 Gallon Drum with Option 17" Ram Plate

Industry Applications

Manufacturing, Recycling Centers, Waste Disposal


Robust and Durable Design


Efficient Material Compression, Compaction


Seamless Alignment with PackMaster™ Air


17 Inches


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