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Protect your airless spray pump year-round with Pump Defender! In the summer, it’s your anti-corrosion and anti-rust shield, while in the winter, it’s a reliable antifreeze guardian down to -30°F (-34°C). This eco-friendly, non-flammable solution minimizes evaporation, ensuring your equipment stays safe and in top-notch condition. Safeguard your investment with Pump Defender today!


Protect Your Investment Year-Round with Pump Defender!

Weatherizing your striper is a savvy move to safeguard your valuable equipment and avoid expensive repairs. Pump Defender is your go-to solution for ensuring your airless spray pump remains in top-notch condition, come rain or shine.

Summer Protection: In the scorching summer months, Pump Defender acts as a potent anti-corrosive and anti-rust agent. Say goodbye to premature wear and sticky pump seats, as this powerhouse formula shields your equipment from the elements, preventing damage, and ensuring peak performance.

Winter Assurance: When the winter chill sets in, Pump Defender comes to the rescue. At a 100% concentration, it transforms into a reliable antifreeze guardian for your airless pump. You can trust it to keep your pump safe during storage, even in bone-chilling temperatures as low as -30°F (-34°C).

Eco-Friendly & Safe: We care about our environment, which is why Pump Defender is designed to be environmentally friendly. Rest easy knowing that our product won’t harm the planet.

Non-Flammable: Safety is paramount, and Pump Defender is non-flammable, providing you with peace of mind during usage and storage.

Minimal Evaporation for Maximum Savings: Our formula is engineered to minimize evaporation, ensuring that it stays where it’s needed most and saving you money in the process.

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