RollMaster 5000 Battery Powered Line Painting Machine

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Newstripe’s RollMaster 5000 Battery Powered Line Painting Machine is perfect for those big parking lot, factory or warehouse striping jobs. Use it to quickly stripe 2,000 feet with a 5-gallon pail. Mechanically-driven pump does not touch paint for quick, no-hassle clean up.

  • Comes with a 4″ Roller Kit (3 Pack)
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • 18 Month Warranty
  • Free Shipping Available


Newstripe’s RollMaster 5000 Line Painting Machine features include:

Economical – Get rid of those expensive, clog prone aerosol stripers. Use the RollMaster 5000 with inexpensive 5-gallon pails of bulk paint for perfect lines, every time.

Easy to Use – So simple you can do a great striping job your first time out. Foolproof tubing squeeze pump delivers paint from standard paint can directly to the foam roller. It is easy to handle and you will get the perfect line every time.

Safe – This asphalt paint sprayer doesn’t have a dangerous engine, high pressure pumps & hoses or explosive aerosol cans.

Quiet & Clean – No engine or compressor noise, harmful fumes or over spray. Stripe inside or out anytime day or night. Plus, with no over spray you can stripe within 2 inches of cars, walls or other obstacles.

Fast Clean up – Clean up is quick and easy. Simply rinse roller mandrel and tubes. Rollers can be disposed of after use.

18 Month Warranty – Like every Newstripe machine, the RollMaster 5000 paint striper is proudly Made in the USA and covered with our Newstripe Equipment Protection plan for a full 18 months. (Roll Master)

Specs & Docs


Pavement & Floor Striping

Spray Pump

Low Pressure Peristaltic Roller Driven


Walk Behind


Battery Powered Electric (12V)

Paint Capacity

5 Gallon


10" Flat Free


Proudly Made in the USA


18 Months

Dimensions (Ship)

36" L x 22" W x 23" H

Weight (Ship)

65 lbs

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1 review for RollMaster 5000 Battery Powered Line Painting Machine

  1. Chris Martinez

    I recently purchased the RollMaster 5000 Line Painting Machine from Newstripe, and I must say, it’s a total game changer for my business. This machine is incredibly user-friendly – setting it up was a breeze, and operating it is just as straightforward.

    The precision it offers is fantastic. I’ve used it on several projects now, and each time, the lines come out perfectly crisp and straight. It’s also quite efficient with paint usage, which is a big plus for my budget.

    I was also impressed by its versatility. Whether it’s a parking lot or a sports field, the RollMaster 5000 handles different surfaces like a pro. And the speed! I’ve completed jobs in half the time it used to take me.

    The only minor issue is its weight. It’s a bit on the heavier side, so moving it around takes a bit of effort. But once it’s in place, it’s smooth sailing.

    In summary, the RollMaster 5000 from Newstripe has made a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of my line painting jobs. I highly recommend it to any professional in the field. It’s an investment that pays off from the first use.

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  • 3″ RollMaster 5000 Roller Kit

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  • Mandrel Kit

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  • O-Ring for RollMaster

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  • RollMaster 4″ Rollers & Discs (12 Pack)

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