4250 Airless Striping Machine


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Our Newstripe 4250 Airless Striping Machine is a top performer in high-pressure airless striping and ideal for athletic fields, pavement and warehouse floors. This lightweight walk-behind machine blends the superior features of our 4400 Airless and 4600 SP Airless machines into a more user-friendly size. With the ability to create bright and sharp 2″ to 6″ wide lines and equipped with a 3000 psi adjustable spray pump for optimal paint efficiency, the 4250 Airless delivers great performance at a reasonable price point.


Introducing the Newstripe 4250 Airless Striping Machine

Precision Redefined

The Newstripe 4250 Airless Striping Machine is here to revolutionize line striping with its innovative design. Let’s explore how it achieves unparalleled precision with its exceptional 10-inch pneumatic tires.

Enhance Visibility with Adjustable Pressure

Achieve brighter lines and superior visibility with the 4250 Airless, thanks to its fully adjustable 0-3000 psi pump pressure. Discover how this feature allows you to customize paint application according to your specific needs, whether you’re working with thinned or non-thinned paints.

User-Friendly Operation

Experience hassle-free operation with the 4250 Airless. Its user-friendly paint loading system eliminates messy manual transfers and reduces the risk of spills, making setup quick and straightforward for both seasoned professionals and beginners.

Effortless Cleanup for Maintenance

Discover the effortless cleanup process of the 4250 Airless. Explore how replacing the paint pail with water or solvent, and running a liquid pump protector through the system, ensures a clean machine and extends its lifespan.

Versatility for Diverse Projects

The 4250 Airless is designed to adapt effortlessly to various striping tasks. Its quick-release clamp feature enables you to tackle stencils, curbs, and hard-to-reach areas with ease. Plus, the optional Rear Flip Down Swivel Caster can further enhance its functionality.

Elevate Your Line Striping Game with the 4250 Airless Striping Machine

Unlock the potential to redefine precision and stability in your line striping projects with our Newstripe 4250 Airless Striping Machine. Say goodbye to uneven lines, paint wastage, and complicated cleanup and elevate your work with brighter, straighter lines and professional results.

Specs & Docs


Athletic Field Striping, Pavement & Floor Striping

Spray Pump

High Pressure Airless (0-3000 psi, 0.34 gpm)


Walk Behind


Briggs & Stratton 550EX

Paint Capacity

5 Gallon


10" Pneumatic


Proudly Made in the USA


24 Months


53" L x 29" W x 36.5" H

Dimensions (Ship)

37" L x 24" W x 28" H


105 lbs

Weight (Ship)

130 lbs

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