SafeMark Field Layout System


Elevate player safety with our SafeMark™ Field Layout System. Once installed, these foam field markers stay securely in place to help you easily stripe your athletic field time after time, saving you valuable time.

  • Two sizes: 50pc Football Kit & 25pc Soccer/Other Sports Kit
  • Kits Include: Foam Markers, Plastic Anchor Wings, Installation Auger, Striping Spikes & Twine
  • Soccer Kit can also mark Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Rugby & Flag Football fields
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • 36 Month Warranty


Protect your players from ankle, foot, and other sports-related injuries with the SafeMark™ Field Layout System – the industry’s safest and most reliable solution for setting up a secure and well-structured field. Designed with player safety in mind, this cutting-edge field marking equipment ensures that your field is prepared to the highest standards, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries during gameplay.

Enhanced Safety, Reduced Risk: Safety is paramount in any sport. The SafeMark Field Layout System empowers you to create a playing field that minimizes the chances of ankle, foot, and other injuries. Whether you’re responsible for a recreational league field or a professional stadium, this system ensures that you can confidently provide a safe environment for your players.

Efficient Field Layout: This innovative equipment allows you to effortlessly lay out the principle markings of a football, soccer or other sport field with precision and accuracy. You can trust the SafeMark system to help you achieve the perfect field layout every time, saving you valuable time and effort.

Customization for All Needs: Beyond the essential field markings, the SafeMark system offers versatility to meet various requirements. You can use additional markers to locate lines for coaches, team areas, penalty zones, and more. This flexibility ensures that you can adapt your field to suit different game formats and age groups, making it an excellent investment for schools, recreational facilities, and sports complexes.

Designed for Durability: We understand that your field marking equipment needs to withstand rigorous use throughout the season. That’s why SafeMark is engineered for durability, ensuring that it will continue to deliver reliable performance year after year.

Safety Meets Convenience: By prioritizing player safety, you’re also enhancing the overall game experience. Parents, coaches, and players will appreciate your commitment to their well-being, making your facility an attractive choice for players and fans.

Incorporate the SafeMark Field Layout System into your field preparation routine and elevate your commitment to safety and quality. Reduce the risk of injuries, streamline field layout, and provide a top-notch playing experience.

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Athletic Field Striping, Baseball Field Maintenance


Proudly Made in the USA


36 Months


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