Snail Hopscotch Playground Stencil


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How to Play “Snail” Hopscotch:

Players must hop on one foot to the center of the spiral and then reverse their path to back out again.

If the player reaches the center without stepping on a line or losing balance he or she marks one square with his or her initials, and from then on may place two feet in that square, while all other players must hop over it. The game ends when all squares are marked or no one can reach the center, and the winner is the player who “owns” the most squares. For a more traditional hopscotch design, check out this playground hopscotch template.

1/8 inch (125 mil) Lifetime Warranty


Children can learn their numbers while playing hopscotch with this snail hopscotch stencil. The 2 piece set is made from our 1/8″ (125mil) PolyTough plastic so it lays flat and can be used over and over again, unlike cardboard stencils. This hopscotch template is so durable we back it with a lifetime warranty.

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