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Newstipe’s Stencil Trac is designed to hold 1/8″ PolyTough stencils. It holds the individual character in place so you can use it over and over again, switch-out one letter or number for another. Great for marking numbers or names on reserved spaces.


Newstipe Stencil Trac fits our 1/8″ stencils. Holds and locks patterns of individual letter and number stencils together. This stencil guide is good for holding and using a pattern over and over again or for exchanging one letter or number out per use (like when marking house addresses).

This number and letter stencil holder comes with two 48″ double sided locking channels and two 48″ x 4″ PolyTough™ plastic over spray panels for extra protection above and below the numbers. * Blanks are available for side overspray. (stencil track)

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