When was Newstripe founded?

Ralph Newman founded Newstripe, Inc. in 1981. We are a comprehensive product design, development and manufacturing company producing more than thirty products. Our state of the art manufacturing facility located in Aurora, Colorado, is designed to provide products to virtually any facility maintenance industry. Newstripe is proud to produce quality American products.

Innovation in Football Hash Mark Painting

July 2017



Aurora CO: With the release of the revolutionary new HASHMARK MASTER II™, Newstripe has done it again, this time in an even bigger way. Newstripe’s HASHMARK MASTER II™ is the second installation in the HashMark Master series. The latest version unleashes the capacity to work on both high and low pressure striping machines. This unprecedented enhancement makes what many consider the best hash mark painting machine in the industry, even better.

Like the original version, the HASHMARK MASTER II™ quickly attaches to most Newstripe walk-behind striping machines. Using the machines own spray gun, one person can paint hash marks five times faster than most other methods.

The operator follows the automatic measuring guide from one hash mark to the next, paints it and moves on. It is that simple. Plus, being priced as low as $495.00 the HASHMARK MASTER II™ will pay for itself the first few times it is used.

As the pioneers in football hash mark painting innovation, Newstripe continues to meet the challenges and needs of its customers. Go to newstripe.com for more information on the HASHMARK MASTER II™ and other hash mark painting products.

About Newstripe, Inc.

Founded in 1981, Newstripe, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business with a global presence. Known in the industry for delivering extraordinary service, innovation and upholding a high level of standards, Newstripe continues to improve and expand their product lines. For more information, please visit www.newstripe.com or by calling 1(800) 624-6706.

How to Recycle Aerosol Cans / 11.22.16

Aerosol cans

If you use aerosol cans in your home, understanding how to recycle the cans properly is essential. Aerosol cans have an environmental impact and are considered hazardous waste when the cans aren’t fully used in many locations. If you use aerosol cans, recycling them is the right thing to do for the world around you. Let’s look at how to recycle aerosol cans so you can do your part to help save the environment.

How to Recycle Aerosol Cans Properly

Read the directions and warning on each aerosol can you buy. These instructions will tell you how to use the can, along with how it should be disposed. Since the chemicals being used in each can will vary from product to product, you may need to recycle the can differently. Make sure to follow the instructions for disposal on the can.

Make sure the can is empty by shaking it; if you don’t feel any liquid moving around, it’s empty. You can also make sure the can is empty by pressing down on the nozzle and ensuring it’s not clogged. If nothing comes out, even after shaking it, you’re safe to bring it to a recycling center for processing. As long as an aerosol can is empty, consumers assume they can throw the can in the trash. This just isn’t true. These cans should still be recycled to reduce their environmental impact.

If the can isn’t empty or you can’t tell for sure, you should take the aerosol can to a recycling center for proper disposal. Don’t try to take the nozzle off, puncture the can, or crush it at home to make to make it small. Let the recycling center use the tools at their disposal, like aerosol can crushers, to take care of the can for you.

By trying to modify the aerosol can, you can cause it to explode due to the pressurized nature of how aerosol cans work. Never throw away a partial or full aerosol can in your regular trash can either. Since the chemicals inside can be hazardous waste and impact the environment, you want to hold onto the cans in a safe place until you can bring them to a recycling center.

Not all recycling centers can recycle aerosol cans, so make sure to call ahead and ensure they can take them. In some locations, cities have specific places you can take aerosol cans and other products to be recycled. Check your city’s website or give them a call to find out where you can recycle partial or full aerosol cans safely.

3 Tips for Painting a Football Field / 11.01.16

Football Mascot Stencil

Painting a football field seems straightforward to anyone who hasn’t tried before. If you’ve seen videos online of the National Football League (NFL) prepping for Sundays, you might think it takes a team of trained workers to get the job done right. You don’t have to be trained by the NFL to paint a football field before the big game. With these three tips, you’ll be painting a football field like a pro in no time.

3 of the Best Tips for Painting a Football Field

Keep in mind that painting a football field will never be an easy or quick task. By understanding that and planning before you begin, you can paint a football field that players will appreciate and will help fans keep track of the action.

Maintain the Field Before You Paint

Before you begin painting a football field, make sure you mow the field and maintain it in the days leading up to the game. By maintaining the field, you make it easier to paint along with helping the paint last longer. Ensure the grass or turf isn’t wet when you paint. Check weather conditions before, during, and after the painting process to make sure it has time to dry.

Use the Right Equipment and Accessories

Invest in a quality paint striper for your football field. The right striper for your field can make the process more efficient and give you a better look when finished. Make sure to invest in string and learn how to use it effectively to paint straight lines. Stencils for your numbers, logos, and other aspects of the football field will make the look of the field more recognizable.

Make Sure You Have Enough Man Power

You want at least three people to paint any football field. This just makes it easier, especially if you’re painting the field just a few days before a game. Two of these people will help move the strings for straight lines while the third person does the actual painting.

Some other quick tips for painting a football field include painting on the side of the string used to mark lines versus the middle; keep warm water handy to help clean up oversprays and other mistakes; and when painting a logo, make sure to use a white base coat to make the logo pop.

Painting a football field doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. With proper planning, the right tools at your disposal, and practice, you can paint the field like the pros.