AeroVent 1X Aerosol Can Disposal System


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Our AeroVent® 1X Aerosol Can Disposal System allows you to quickly puncture and drain aerosol cans to reduce the cost of hazardous waste. It delivers performance in three simple steps, fits various can sizes, and prioritizes safety with exclusive features. Includes: 1 Safe2Vent Filter Cartridge, Filter Assembly & Ground Cable.

  • Innovative Viz-a-Ball Indicator tells user when system is safe to open
  • Cycle Counter tracks cans processed to help time filter replacements
  • Compliant in 50 states & adheres to OSHA, EPA & CA regulations
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • 18 Month Warranty.
  • Free Shipping Available

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AeroVent 1X Aerosol Can Disposal System: Streamlined Waste Management

Reduced Hazardous Waste Costs

The AeroVent® 1X Aerosol Can Disposal System is an economical solution for swiftly puncturing and draining aerosol spray cans, effectively reducing hazardous waste expenses. It simplifies the process with a built-in cycle counter, eliminating manual counting and guesswork regarding filter replacement timing.

Simple Three-Step Operation

Operating the AeroVent® 1X is an easy three step process. First, place a used aerosol can in the AeroVent machine and securely close the lid with the convenient handle. This action both seals the chamber and punctures the aerosol can simultaneously. Second, wait until the Safe2Vent filter’s Viz-a-Ball stops bouncing (usually 5-30 seconds). This indicates that the system is depressurized and safe to open. Third, open the lid and remove the processed can. It’s that simple! Now, the aerosol can can be safely disposed of or sold as recyclable metal.

Convenient Cycle Counter

The built-in cycle counter streamlines the process by automatically tracking the number of cans processed. Say goodbye to manual counting and uncertainty about filter replacement schedules.

Versatile and Adaptable

The AeroVent 1X Aerosol Can Disposal System is designed for small waste generators. Its unique tray design accommodates various aerosol can sizes, up to 3″ in diameter and 10″ in length, all with a single tray. Quick-change aluminum plugs in the lid allow for seamless adaptation to different aerosol can sizes, making it a versatile, one-size-fits-all aerosol can disposal system.

Enhanced Safety with Exclusive Viz-a-Ball Indicator Check Valve

The AeroVent 1X prioritizes safety with its revolutionary Viz-a-Ball™ Indicator Check Valve, serving two critical functions. It indicates when the system is depressurized and safe to open, ensuring operator safety. Additionally, it complies with OSHA, EPA, and California regulations by keeping the drum closed post-processing, preventing vapors from escaping into the atmosphere. The Safe2Vent™ is the only drum vent filter with this crucial safety feature.

Proudly Made in the USA

The AeroVent 1X Aerosol Can Disposal System is Proudly Made in the USA and backed by an 18 Month Warranty, the longest in the industry. It delivers reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind for all your aerosol can disposal needs.

Specs & Docs

Processing Volume

Low to Medium (1 Can at a Time)

Processing Speed

5-30 seconds

Can Sizes

Variable up to 3" Diameter & 10.5" Length

Carbon Filter Used

Enhanced Safe2Vent Filter

Safety Check Valve


Viz-a-Ball™ Indicator


Cycle Counter



Compliant in all 50 states, Adheres to OSHA & EPA regs


18 Months


Proudly Made in the USA

Ship Weight

28 lbs

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