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Streamline your field painting with Newstripe’s HashMark Master Attachment, a lightweight tool that fits on our popular high-pressure and low-pressure stripers to easily paint football field hash marks without stencils or templates. It enables a single person to work five times faster than traditional hash mark painting methods.

  • High Pressure Model – Works with 4250 Airless, 4400 Airless & 4600 SP Airless machines
  • Low Pressure Model – Works with EcoLiner LT & Ecoliner SP machines
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • 18 Month Warranty
  • Free Shipping Available


Upgraded Your Hash Mark Painting with HashMark Master™

Discover the game-changing HASHMARK-MASTER™, the ultimate tool for simplifying hash mark painting on football fields. Say goodbye to time-consuming measuring and the hassle of stencils, and usher in a new era of efficiency in athletic field marking.

Efficiency Redefined

The HASHMARK-MASTER™ is a groundbreaking device that allows you to paint hash marks up to five times faster than traditional methods. It eliminates the need for a crew to perform repetitive measuring or employ stencils and templates. This innovative tool is compatible with both high and low-pressure striping machines, offering unmatched versatility for athletic field marking.

Seamless Attachment and Ease of Use

Integration with most Newstripe walk-behind striping machines is seamless, making hash mark painting a breeze. The HASHMARK-MASTER™ attaches effortlessly, guiding you automatically from one hash mark to the next. This ensures precise and consistent hash mark layout, delivering professional results with ease. Say goodbye to labor-intensive tasks, as the HASHMARK-MASTER™ not only saves time but also reduces labor costs, making it a cost-effective solution.

Speed and Productivity Boost

Say farewell to the time-consuming process of measuring and the heavy, paint-soaked templates. The HASHMARK-MASTER™ significantly increases the speed of painting hash marks, allowing one person to achieve the work of two or three. Field preparation can now be completed in a fraction of the usual time, boosting overall productivity.

Convenient Compatibility

The HASHMARK-MASTER™ is designed for convenience, attaching seamlessly to most Newstripe walk-behind striping machines. It utilizes the existing spray gun from your striper, eliminating the need for extra tools or accessories. This convenience is especially valuable for teams and facilities with limited resources or manpower.

Unique High-Pressure Capability

The HASHMARK-MASTER™ stands out as the only hash marking tool capable of working with both high and low-pressure striping machines. This exceptional feature provides unparalleled flexibility, catering to a wide range of field maintenance needs.

Patented Innovation and Availability

The HASHMARK-MASTER™ is protected by U.S. patent #7,367,515 B1, emphasizing its unique contribution to athletic line marking. It is available for online order, offering easy access for teams, schools, and facilities seeking to enhance their field maintenance capabilities.

Please note that the HASHMARK-MASTER™ is not compatible with battery-operated EcoLiners.

Experience the future of hash mark painting with the HASHMARK-MASTER™ and elevate your athletic field maintenance game today.

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Athletic Field Striping


Proudly Made in the USA


18 Months

Dimensions (Ship)

33" L x 9" W x 6" H

Weight (Ship)

12 lbs

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