Waste Compaction and Crushing Equipment

Newstripe’s complete line of Pack-Master™ in-drum waste compacting equipment and Big Squeeze™ pail, can, and filter crushing machine are the ideal solutions to reduce waste volume and increase recycling revenues for any operation. They will save you money by eliminating hazardous material disposal, increase your income from selling recyclable materials, and reduce the number of required waste disposal pick-ups.

There are three Pack-Master™ models available. Each option compacts material in a standard 30 or 55 gallon drum, reducing the cost of disposal by up to 80%.

The Pack-Master™ Manual Compactor is Newstripe’s least expensive model, and it is designed for those needing powerful compaction force but have lower waste volume to process.

The Pack-Master™ Air Powered Compactor uses standard shop air and is much faster than the manual model with a cycle time of less than one minute. It is the ideal choice for those needing higher compaction speed.

The Pack-Master™ Spark Resistant Air Powered Compactor has all the great features of the Pack-Master™ Air Powered Compactor plus all contact surfaces are covered in spark resistant aluminum. Therefore, it is the perfect option for compacting flammable material such as oily rags and paint booth filters.

The Big Squeeze™ Pail, Can, and Filter Crusher is the ideal machine to reduce disposal cost of scrap metal containers such as one gallon cans and five gallon buckets. Plus, it can be used to process automotive filters changing them from hazardous waste to recyclable steel. Using the Big Squeeze™ can reduce your waste volume by up to 75% quickly and safely. Powered by standard compressed shop air it generates a whopping 11,000 pounds of force.