New Product Launch – Safe2Vent

 May 17, 2017


Aurora, CO: Newstripe, Inc.  announces the launch of the new Safe2Vent™ Drum Vent Filter. It is the world’s only aerosol can disposal system filter with the Viz-a-Ball™ indicator to show when the unit is completely depressurized and safe to open.

This revolutionary design keeps the operator safe by complying with OSHA, EPA and California regulations which require a closed drum and the prevention of vapors escaping into the atmosphere after processing. The Safe2Vent™ is compatible with all manual, single can aerosol disposal systems, making any unit safer to operate.

Additional carbon media, replaceable cartridges, and a lower price than competitors make the Safe2Vent™ more cost effective than any other drum vent filter.

About Newstripe, Inc.
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