Custom Stencils

Newstripe’s legendary Polytough™ stencils can be customized to match your unique phrase, wording, numbering, logo or graphic. Whether you need a mascot for your football field, corporate logo, or wording for your warehouse floor, Newstripe can create quality customized stencils.

Every custom logo, graphic and word stencil is made from our 1/16 or 1/8 inch PolyTough™ plastic. Their heavy weight and flexible characteristics produce sharper lettering and images while allowing them to conform to almost any surface. Virtually Indestructible! Newstripe’s PolyTough™ custom-made stencils are designed for the heaviest use with minimum care.

Newstripe’s Custom Word Stencils: You chose the characters, fonts, and size (1 to 48 inches in height)  to create your own custom word stencil.

Newstripe’s Custom Logo and Mascot Stencils:   From a few inches to a several feet, we can transform your graphics into a custom stencil that can be used for years to come.


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