Parking Lot Starter Kits


Newstripes Parking lot Starter Kit includes all the stencils you need to stripe your typical parking lot.  The set includes (1) large handicap symbol, (1) 3-piece arrow set, (1) 12″ NO PARKING, (1) 12″ FIRE LANE, (1) 4″ RESERVED, and (1) 4″ VISITOR.



Our Parking Lot Starter Kit is perfect for an apartment complex, office buildings, or those starting in the striping business. You get the most popular parking lot stencils in one economical bundle! Each parking lot stencil kit is made of our durable PolyTough™ material which is easy to clean and can be used over and over.

Choose between our professional grade 1/8″ (125 mil) with a lifetime guarantee, or the light-duty 1/16″ designed for occasional use.

Parking Lot Striping Stencil Kit includes:

  • (1) large handicap symbol,
  • (1) 3-piece arrow set
  • (1) 12″ NO PARKING
  • (1) 12″ FIRE LANE
  • (1) 4″ RESERVED
  • (1) 4″ VISITOR.

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