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How aerosol can disposal regulations can affect your business practices.

Dec 16 2014n

nBackground + Problem Aerosol cans are common object for use at home and in many work places as they are easy to use and effective at accomplishing certain needs. However aerosol cans containing hydrocarbon propellants with other products are considered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hazardous waste if not emptied completely before being disposed of. Often times they hold a variety of products considered to be dangerous to the environment, including lubricants, pesticides, paints, cleaners, etc. along with other propellants that may involve ignitable gases, such as butane and propane.nnThese propellants found inside the cans pressurizers, which can lead to serious safety hazards, including fire, if not disposed of in accordance with regulations put in place by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Enacted by Congress in 1976 to regulate the management of solid and hazardous waste in the United States, the RCRA seeks to protect the environment and health of the population, as well as conserve energy and natural resources and reducing waster generated while ensuring proper disposal. Such rules and regulations are important to for business owners to understand and follow to avoid fines and possible workplace injury.nnSolution + Many businesses are not equipped with the proper systems to dispose of aerosol spray cans in accordance with the RCRA. This can lead to costly solutions and risk improper procedures when attempting to rid a business of this type of haz waste. So rather than dealing with many regulations that must be met for proper disposal at the business, Newstripe offers a simple, easy and safe to use avenue for recycling and disposing of aerosol cans, the AeroVent™. The AeroVent™ 1 and AeroVent™ 3 effectively reduce the cost of hazardous waste disposal, add income from recycling processed cans and insure that the business meets the RCRA regulations. Quick and easily installed with standard 30 or 55 gallon waste containers, the AeroVent™ with activated carbon filter to capture any escaping vapors simultaneously punctures and drains cans for disposal. The AeroVent™ is thus the fastest manually operated aerosol can disposal system currently available. For increased user safety, opt to add Newstripe’s AeroVentillator™ Positive Pressure Filtration System. The AeroVentillator™ effectively draws any liquids and fumes away from the operator, providing a toxic free environment while in use. The AeroVent™ and AeroVentillator™ positive pressure filtration system are the ideal solution to reduce waste volume, increase recycling revenues and provide optimal user safety for any business or operation.