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Taking Care of Newstripe Customers / Q&A with Andy Ducey

Between answering customer calls, managing our online chat, and working on product orders, we caught up with Account Executive Andy Ducey to learn how he makes sure Newstripe customers and dealers have a great experience working with us.

Newstripe is a family-run company that manufactures great products right here in America and our customers are the best. I love helping them find solutions for their striping, industrial recycling, and stenciling needs. From when I get here in the morning to when I leave at the end of the day, I am constantly communicating with customers from all over the country. It’s exciting, I constantly get to meet new people, and every day is an adventure.

Our team is creative, responsive, and entrepreneurial. As a small family-run company, we are proud of our ability to stay focused on our customers and building quality products that satisfy real needs in the marketplace. While we started out in the pavement striping business 40 years ago, we have expanded into new product categories like athletic field stripers, industrial recycling products, and our extremely durable PolyTough plastic stencils.

I would also like to mention that, unlike many of our competitors, we manufacture all our products right here in Aurora, Colorado. It is great to walk back into the factory and see raw sheets of metal coming in the back door and finished products being boxed up to ship out to customers. Everything is done locally and in a high quality way.

While I enjoy talking with customers about all of our products, I especially like talking about our AeroVent 1X aerosol can disposal machine. It is loaded with great safety features like the Viz-a-Ball indicator and the processed can counter, and it is far better than competitive products from New Pig, Just Rite, and America Gas. In addition, our Safe2Vent Filter used on the AeroVent is the best in the marketplace for removing harmful gases from used aerosol cans.

I want to thank the entire Newstripe team for their hard work. They are like family to me, and they help me shine when I’m interacting with customers. I would also like to thank our loyal customers for their business and for making each day at work so fun and exciting.

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Newstripe’s Operations Leader Promoted to Lead Growth Initiatives

Newstripe is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Keith VanOrman to Vice President of Operations.

Since joining the company over three years ago, Keith has been instrumental in implementing many important enhancements to improve the company’s manufacturing efficiencies, business infrastructure and product development process, while at the same time, managing increased demand for Newstripe’s products.

“Keith is a real dynamo and has been a great addition to our team. He continues lead our most important projects that will support our future growth,” said Newstripe President Ralph Newman.

Looking ahead, Keith has his sights set on restructuring the company’s Aurora, Colorado factory, strengthening its employee development and cross training efforts, and exploring new technologies and processes to make the organization more flexible to take advantage of market opportunities.

As leader in manufacturing equipment for field and pavement striping, baseball field maintenance, and industrial waste recycling, Newstripe is a case study in local manufacturing that is done the right way.

“I’m looking forward to what the future holds for Newstripe and happy to play my role in delivering for our customers and dealers,” said Keith. “We have an incredible team in place and we’re excited to continue moving our business forward.”

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Taking Care of Customers by Taking Care of Our Employees

One advantage of being in business for over four decades is that we get to build great relationships with our customers and dealer partners. Yet, these relationships don’t just happen. They grow over time through daily interactions with dedicated Newstripe employees who take pride in what they do.

Since our founding in 1981, Newstripe President Ralph Newman has stressed the importance of empowering employees, giving them what they need to take care of customers, and treating each employee like a member of the family.

This strategy seems to be working as over 65% of Newstripe employees have been with the company for over 10 years, 30% over 20 years, and several have been with us over 35 years. When asked why he’s worked at Newstripe for so many years, one longtime employee stated “I really enjoy what each day brings and working with the team to make great products right here in America that help our customers get their jobs done. It’s just fun and everyday is an adventure.”

Our customer loyalty metrics are equally impressive. In fact, many of the organizations that first purchased a line striping machine from us in the early 1980’s are still buying from us today. In other cases, loyal customers have taken Newstripe with them as they’ve moved from job to job.

At the end of the day, our team loves working at Newstripe and wearing their Newstripe gear around the office, because our company stands for manufacturing great products here in the USA and delivering great service to our customers and dealer partners around the country.

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Newstripe Promotes Casey Newman to Executive Director

Newstripe, a leader in manufacturing equipment for field and pavement striping and industrial waste disposal, recently announced the promotion of Casey Newman to Executive Director. In this new role, Casey will lead Newstripe’s customer-facing team responsible for sales, marketing, dealer partnerships, and customer service.

Casey has a long history with Newstripe that started when he visited customers as a young boy with his father and company founder Ralph Newman. Since joining the company on a full-time basis in early 2014, Casey has worked in multiple roles of increasing responsibility across every area of the company. He also led Newstripe’s expansion through industry-specific dealer partnerships, enhanced eCommerce capabilities, and selling through the Amazon Seller Marketplace.

“Having Casey in a leadership position to help us to grow Newstripe to the next level is a father’s dream come true,” said Newstripe President Ralph Newman. “He continues to bring fresh ideas about how we can help customers solve their problems through product innovation.”

“I’m excited for the opportunity to leverage Newstripe’s long history of success and help shape how the company will grow into the future,” said Casey. “I look forward to working with a team that continues to make great products here in Aurora, Colorado, and take good care of our loyal customers.”

As a successful family business, Newstripe looks forward to having Casey in an expanded leadership role to help drive customer-focused growth and innovation.

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Introducing the NewRider 1700

NewRider 1700 0714

Oct 08 2013 The NewRider 1700 is the economical ride-on high pressure airless striping machine for marking athletic fields. The NewRider 1700 is designed to quickly spray straighter, brighter looking lines and the 25 gallon paint tank will stripe numerous fields without having to be refilled. Additionally, the fully adjustable spray pump saves money by spraying ‘just the turf’ and ‘not the dirt’ with any paint.

The on-board purge tank eliminates clogging of spray tips and makes clean-up a snap. This model features a hydrostatic drive and a 10.5 hp OHC engine with electric start, and removable gun with 25’ hose for stencils. Newstripe’s complete line of striping machines, stencils and paint may be viewed at Action videos, specifications, pricing and ordering are all accessible from the website or call 1-800-624-6706 for more information.

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GoalEze™ retractable spray arm

GoalEze 0714jpg

Newstripe Inc is proud to announce the introduction of the GoalEze™ retractable spray arm for the NewRider 5000 and 1700 athletic field striping machines.nnNewstripe’s GoalEze™, retractable spray arm solves the frustrating and time consuming job of striping the soccer goal area. According to Ralph Newman, president of Newstripe, “The GoalEze™ totally eliminates the number one complaint when striping a soccer field with a riding field striping machine.” With the GoalEze™ you no longer need to maneuver and jockey the striping machine around the goal posts. The results are that you save time, money, and frustration. Plus, it allows you to spray smaller arcs and circles (10’ diameter circle or 5’ radius arcs).nnStriping the goal area is now as simple as 1, 2, 3. One, stripe up to the goal post and stop. Two, raise the gun to clear post and drive forward six inches. Three, lower the gun just ahead of the goal post and continue striping. Repeat at the next goal post.nnThe GoalEze™ retractable spray arm can be mounted to any Newstripe™ 1700 or 5000 riding paint striper and requires no additional spray gun or hose. The main center spray head assembly remains in place and the spray gun can be switched from center to side in the matter of minutes.nnIt is designed with spring assist so raising and lowering the gun requires very little effort. Additional features include a forward position for clear view of the gun operation and a “break away link” to protect gun from damage.nnNewstripe’s complete line of striping machines, stencils and paint may be viewed at Action videos, specifications, pricing and ordering are all accessible from the website or call 1-800-624-6706 for more information.

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4600™ SP Self-Propelled Airless Striping Machine

4600 0714

The 4600™ SP by Newstripe features a hydraulic driven .44 gpm, airless pump. Unlike piston pumps, it is pulsation free and produces a crisp, scallop free line every time. Plus the 4600™ SP can be operated at 0-3000 psi giving complete control of the thickness of the line and the amount of paint used.nnThe adjustable friction drive system is extremely simple and easy to maintain. Speed can be adjusted up to 3 mph. Plus, the 4600™ SP’s four-wheel platform provides a new level of striping ease for athletic fields. Balloon tires mounted on a rugged steel chassis provide superior stability and maneuverability. Cleanup of the 4600™ SP can be done in less than 10 minutes. Simply exchange the 5-gallon paint pail with a water pail and flush the pump and lines. A simple, quick-release clamp removes the spray gun to paint stencils with the 25’ length hose. Powered by a 126cc Subaru OHC engine, the 4600™ SP is covered by a 36-Month warranty.nnLike all other Newstripe products the 4600™ SP paint striping machine are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA.nnNewstripe’s complete line of striping machines, stencils and paint may be viewed at Action videos, specifications, pricing and ordering are all accessible from the website or call 1-800-624-6706 for more information.

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4250™ Airless Striping Machine from Newstripe, Inc.

Feb 03 2014n


nNewstripe, Inc is pleased to announce the introduction of the 4250™ Airless Striping Machine. The 4250™ features a four-wheel platform providing a new level of striping ease on pavement, parking lots and warehouse floors. The high flotation balloon tires, dual ergonomic handles, perfect 50-50 balance and a weight of just 105 lbs. allows the 4250™ to roll over the roughest surfaces while producing straighter lines at an affordable price.nnIt also features a USA made, pulse free, .34 gpm, 3000 psi airless pump powered by a 190 cc Briggs & Stratton engine. Cleanup is quick and easy by simply exchanging the 5-gallon paint pail with a water pail. The removable spray gun can paint stencils, curbs, wheel stops and light poles with the 25’ length hose. An optional rear caster effortlessly paints circles and arcs.nnThe 4250™ is ruggedly designed and built to last. It is proudly “Made in America” at Newstripe’s Aurora, Colorado factory.nnNewstripe’s complete line of striping machines, stencils and paint may be viewed at Action videos, specifications, pricing and ordering are all accessible from the website or call 1-800-624-6706 for more information.

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SportsField Management – August 2014

Aug 01 2014nn nnMaintain your field with Newstripe’s Airless Field Painting & Striping Machinesn


nFrom a single little league baseball field to a large multiple sport field facility, Newstripe has the right paint striping machine for you.nnCheck out the brand new line of Newstripe Airless Field Stripers, including the economical 4250™, the professional 4400™ model and the labor saving 4600™ SP Self-Propelled.nnPlus, the incredible NewRider 1700 and NewRider 5000 models are the only airless riding field stripers available. Unmatched in value and performance, the NewRider models are designed to produce the brightest, straightest lines on all nuatural or artificial turf.

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FAA & Airport Stencils by Newstripe, Inc.

Aug 05 2014n


nn nn nnNewstripe’s PolyToughTM FAA & Airport Stencils make it fast and easy to mark runways, taxiways, hold areas and more for all types of airports. Newstripe’s PolyToughTM Stencils are cut from a 1/8” thick material, meet current FAA Advisory Circular requirements, and are backed by a Life-Time Warranty against ripping and tearing. Newstripe stencils are heavy enough to remain in position under windy conditions, but are light enough to easily transport and store for repeated use.