Graco FieldLazer S100 Airless Field Marker


The Graco FieldLazer S100 Airless Field Marker features:

High-Pressure Airless Paint Spray Technology Produces bright lines from every angle while coating both sides of grass blade in a single pass providing reduced paint consumption vs. low pressure systems.

Durable Light-Weight Design – Provides years of uninterrupted use of this Graco airless paint striper and at only 80 lbs (36kg) it`s easy to load and unload.

Operator Controls – located on the handlebar for ease of use.

Exclusive Tall-Wheel Cart Rolls easily over ruts and cleat marks, resulting in less operator fatigue and straighter lines.

Fully Adjustable Spray Guides – Make line width adjustments fast and easy without tools.

Engine – High efficiency Honda engine.

Easy Out Filter – Makes tip clogs a thing of the past.

Easy Cleaning – Siphons from disposable paint bucket, eliminating tank or pot cleaning hassles.

Front Wheel Design – Paint circles and arcs or easily.

Detachable Spray Gun – Easily switch to gun and spray stencils or large solid areas.

Fold-Down Handle Makes transportation easy.

Warranty – 1-Year Warranty and over 700 authorized repair locations in North America.

This Graco airless paint striper also comes with a free parking lot stencil kit!


The Graco FieldLazer S100 is the preferred choice as a dedicated walk-behind field marking machine. Introduced in 2004, the original FieldLazer striper was the first walk-behind field marker utilizing proven Graco high-pressure airless paint spray technology. This Graco painter is now recognized by field marking professionals as one of the top walk-behind field marking machines available.

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Parts & Accessories

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