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4600™ SP Self-Propelled Airless Striping Machine

4600 0714

The 4600™ SP by Newstripe features a hydraulic driven .44 gpm, airless pump. Unlike piston pumps, it is pulsation free and produces a crisp, scallop free line every time. Plus the 4600™ SP can be operated at 0-3000 psi giving complete control of the thickness of the line and the amount of paint used.nnThe adjustable friction drive system is extremely simple and easy to maintain. Speed can be adjusted up to 3 mph. Plus, the 4600™ SP’s four-wheel platform provides a new level of striping ease for athletic fields. Balloon tires mounted on a rugged steel chassis provide superior stability and maneuverability. Cleanup of the 4600™ SP can be done in less than 10 minutes. Simply exchange the 5-gallon paint pail with a water pail and flush the pump and lines. A simple, quick-release clamp removes the spray gun to paint stencils with the 25’ length hose. Powered by a 126cc Subaru OHC engine, the 4600™ SP is covered by a 36-Month warranty.nnLike all other Newstripe products the 4600™ SP paint striping machine are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA.nnNewstripe’s complete line of striping machines, stencils and paint may be viewed at Action videos, specifications, pricing and ordering are all accessible from the website or call 1-800-624-6706 for more information.