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GoalEze™ retractable spray arm

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Newstripe Inc is proud to announce the introduction of the GoalEze™ retractable spray arm for the NewRider 5000 and 1700 athletic field striping machines.nnNewstripe’s GoalEze™, retractable spray arm solves the frustrating and time consuming job of striping the soccer goal area. According to Ralph Newman, president of Newstripe, “The GoalEze™ totally eliminates the number one complaint when striping a soccer field with a riding field striping machine.” With the GoalEze™ you no longer need to maneuver and jockey the striping machine around the goal posts. The results are that you save time, money, and frustration. Plus, it allows you to spray smaller arcs and circles (10’ diameter circle or 5’ radius arcs).nnStriping the goal area is now as simple as 1, 2, 3. One, stripe up to the goal post and stop. Two, raise the gun to clear post and drive forward six inches. Three, lower the gun just ahead of the goal post and continue striping. Repeat at the next goal post.nnThe GoalEze™ retractable spray arm can be mounted to any Newstripe™ 1700 or 5000 riding paint striper and requires no additional spray gun or hose. The main center spray head assembly remains in place and the spray gun can be switched from center to side in the matter of minutes.nnIt is designed with spring assist so raising and lowering the gun requires very little effort. Additional features include a forward position for clear view of the gun operation and a “break away link” to protect gun from damage.nnNewstripe’s complete line of striping machines, stencils and paint may be viewed at Action videos, specifications, pricing and ordering are all accessible from the website or call 1-800-624-6706 for more information.