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SportsTurf Managers Association October 2014

Oct 13 2014nnKeep your fields safe, playable and attractive with Newstripe’s Infield Drags and Groomers.nnn


nnFrom a single baseball field to large sport complexes, Newstripe has the right field maintenance equipment for you. We are the leading manufacturer of athletic field dry line chalk markers and paint striping machines. Newstripe’s NewLiner™ Dry Line Markers range from cost conscious chalking machines to our rugged HD Heavy Duty models that meet the most demanding requirements.nnAlso, Newstripe’s Dirt Medic™ and Dirt Doctor Jr™ Infield Drags and Groomers maintain baseball and sofball fields in a single pass to save both time and money. Whatever your field marking and maintenance needs are, Newstripe is your one stop source.nnCheck out our full line of Athletic Field Maintenance products including stripers, stencils and field layout systems at