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The Benefits of Aerosol Can Disposal Systems

Oct 28 2014n

nThe benefits of aerosol can disposal systems for the purpose of recycling are threefold.  Aerosol cans are made of steel which is the world’s most recycled material and the infrastructure for recycling the material is already in place.  Using an aerosol can disposal system such as AeroVent 1 Aerosol Can Disposal System diverts the steel from landfills, offers needed scrap to the steel industry and reduces tax payer costs by providing revenue from scrap sales.  The processing equipment is typically simple and easy to use, makes a potentially hazardous environment safe and helps reduce the volume of waste disposed in the landfill by up to 1.3%.n

Aerosol Can Disposal is also cost efficient for the manufacturer due to the revenue received from scrap sales to steel companies. Studies show the costs of implementing an aerosol can disposal system along with the labor required to use it are far less than the revenue generated by scrap sales.  There are also factors to consider like EPA compliance fines and accidents due to hazardous waste in a manufacturer’s facility.  All in all, using an aerosol can disposal system such as the American Made versions offered by Newstripe, Inc in Aurora, CO can only benefit your business and the environment.