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Taking Care of Customers by Taking Care of Our Employees

One advantage of being in business for over four decades is that we get to build great relationships with our customers and dealer partners. Yet, these relationships don’t just happen. They grow over time through daily interactions with dedicated Newstripe employees who take pride in what they do.

Since our founding in 1981, Newstripe President Ralph Newman has stressed the importance of empowering employees, giving them what they need to take care of customers, and treating each employee like a member of the family.

This strategy seems to be working as over 65% of Newstripe employees have been with the company for over 10 years, 30% over 20 years, and several have been with us over 35 years. When asked why he’s worked at Newstripe for so many years, one longtime employee stated “I really enjoy what each day brings and working with the team to make great products right here in America that help our customers get their jobs done. It’s just fun and everyday is an adventure.”

Our customer loyalty metrics are equally impressive. In fact, many of the organizations that first purchased a line striping machine from us in the early 1980’s are still buying from us today. In other cases, loyal customers have taken Newstripe with them as they’ve moved from job to job.

At the end of the day, our team loves working at Newstripe and wearing their Newstripe gear around the office, because our company stands for manufacturing great products here in the USA and delivering great service to our customers and dealer partners around the country.