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SportsTurf Managers Association October 2014

Oct 13 2014nnKeep your fields safe, playable and attractive with Newstripe’s Infield Drags and Groomers.nnn


nnFrom a single baseball field to large sport complexes, Newstripe has the right field maintenance equipment for you. We are the leading manufacturer of athletic field dry line chalk markers and paint striping machines. Newstripe’s NewLiner™ Dry Line Markers range from cost conscious chalking machines to our rugged HD Heavy Duty models that meet the most demanding requirements.nnAlso, Newstripe’s Dirt Medic™ and Dirt Doctor Jr™ Infield Drags and Groomers maintain baseball and sofball fields in a single pass to save both time and money. Whatever your field marking and maintenance needs are, Newstripe is your one stop source.nnCheck out our full line of Athletic Field Maintenance products including stripers, stencils and field layout systems at

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The Benefits of Aerosol Can Disposal Systems

Oct 28 2014n

nThe benefits of aerosol can disposal systems for the purpose of recycling are threefold.  Aerosol cans are made of steel which is the world’s most recycled material and the infrastructure for recycling the material is already in place.  Using an aerosol can disposal system such as AeroVent 1 Aerosol Can Disposal System diverts the steel from landfills, offers needed scrap to the steel industry and reduces tax payer costs by providing revenue from scrap sales.  The processing equipment is typically simple and easy to use, makes a potentially hazardous environment safe and helps reduce the volume of waste disposed in the landfill by up to 1.3%.n

Aerosol Can Disposal is also cost efficient for the manufacturer due to the revenue received from scrap sales to steel companies. Studies show the costs of implementing an aerosol can disposal system along with the labor required to use it are far less than the revenue generated by scrap sales.  There are also factors to consider like EPA compliance fines and accidents due to hazardous waste in a manufacturer’s facility.  All in all, using an aerosol can disposal system such as the American Made versions offered by Newstripe, Inc in Aurora, CO can only benefit your business and the environment.

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Hazards of Aerosol Cans

Nov 10 2014nnThere are three general types of hazards that workers face when using aerosol cans in the workplace.  Pressurization issues can cause aerosol cans to explode due to accidental punctures, faulty valves, excessive temperatures or corrosion.  To avoid injuries such as burns, these products must be stored and operated properly.  The second hazard involves the product the can houses.  Often times the product itself is inherently hazardous, examples being insecticides, paints and cleaners.  Even cans that are partially empty can be legally considered hazardous wastes.  Third, many of these products are flammable creating fire hazards.nnBecause of the hazardous nature of aerosol cans and the products they carry, individual states have their own sets of laws governing how these products are to be disposed of.  There are thousands of communities setting up programs for residential neighborhoods and manufacturing companies to assist in aerosol can disposal.  The steel industry has teamed up with aerosol can manufacturers to come up with cost effective disposal systems and programs for revenue from scrap sales.  Whether you are in need of a simple household aerosol can disposal system or one for use in business, Newstripe, Inc in Aurora, CO can help.  Recycling these hazardous cans and the substances they house will help reduce waste and save our earth’s resources.

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Aerosol Can Disposal and RCRA’s Effects on Business Practices

Nov 12 2014nn The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) was enacted by Congress in 1976 in order to regulate the management of solid and hazardous waste in the United States. The main objectives of RCRA are to protect the environment and health of the population from the potential hazards of waste disposal. RCRA also helps to conserve energy and natural resources while reducing the amount of waste generated and ensuring environmentally sound disposal. It is important for business owners to understand how the RCRA applies to their business on the federal, state and local level in order to avoid costly fines and possible injury to workers due to improper disposal.nnAerosol can disposal is increasingly becoming an issue in the workplace. While aerosol cans are easy to use and very efficient at delivering the products they house, they create an environmental hazard if not properly disposed of. Newstripe, Inc. carries a variety of aerosol can disposal systems to assist businesses in following the guidelines set by RCRA and enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These systems are a cost-effective method for disposal as they do not require a lot of man hours or training. The scrap that the disposal systems produce can be recycled for revenue to assist in the costs incurred with implementing the system. Finally, proper aerosol can disposal protects workers in the facility from accidents associated with aerosol cans. Facility management can check with state or regional agencies to find out specific RCRA regulations that pertain to their business.

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How aerosol can disposal regulations can affect your business practices.

Dec 16 2014n

nBackground + Problem Aerosol cans are common object for use at home and in many work places as they are easy to use and effective at accomplishing certain needs. However aerosol cans containing hydrocarbon propellants with other products are considered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hazardous waste if not emptied completely before being disposed of. Often times they hold a variety of products considered to be dangerous to the environment, including lubricants, pesticides, paints, cleaners, etc. along with other propellants that may involve ignitable gases, such as butane and propane.nnThese propellants found inside the cans pressurizers, which can lead to serious safety hazards, including fire, if not disposed of in accordance with regulations put in place by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Enacted by Congress in 1976 to regulate the management of solid and hazardous waste in the United States, the RCRA seeks to protect the environment and health of the population, as well as conserve energy and natural resources and reducing waster generated while ensuring proper disposal. Such rules and regulations are important to for business owners to understand and follow to avoid fines and possible workplace injury.nnSolution + Many businesses are not equipped with the proper systems to dispose of aerosol spray cans in accordance with the RCRA. This can lead to costly solutions and risk improper procedures when attempting to rid a business of this type of haz waste. So rather than dealing with many regulations that must be met for proper disposal at the business, Newstripe offers a simple, easy and safe to use avenue for recycling and disposing of aerosol cans, the AeroVent™. The AeroVent™ 1 and AeroVent™ 3 effectively reduce the cost of hazardous waste disposal, add income from recycling processed cans and insure that the business meets the RCRA regulations. Quick and easily installed with standard 30 or 55 gallon waste containers, the AeroVent™ with activated carbon filter to capture any escaping vapors simultaneously punctures and drains cans for disposal. The AeroVent™ is thus the fastest manually operated aerosol can disposal system currently available. For increased user safety, opt to add Newstripe’s AeroVentillator™ Positive Pressure Filtration System. The AeroVentillator™ effectively draws any liquids and fumes away from the operator, providing a toxic free environment while in use. The AeroVent™ and AeroVentillator™ positive pressure filtration system are the ideal solution to reduce waste volume, increase recycling revenues and provide optimal user safety for any business or operation.

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Introducing the new EcoLiner™ Plus

Dec 19 2014n

nEcoLiner™ Plus by Newstripe, Incnn nn n


nnThe all-new EcoLinerPlus Battery Powered Field Striper features a heavy duty, diaphragm pump powered by a 12-Volt deep cycle battery. The efficient spray nozzle design and detachable spray gun with 10’ hose allow for greater flexibility to meet your field marking needs. The EcoLinerTM Plus is equipped with a rapid charge 120-Volt plug-in battery charger, onboard clean water reservoir for instantaneous purging of the spraying system, and dependable no flat tires that meet the rigorous demands of uneven turf. Additionally, the EcoLiner Plus is proudly MADE IN THE USA giving you the trusted quality and durability you deserve.